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1v1 me in Call Of Duty

1v1 me in Call Of Duty


Do you think you're any good at Call Of Duty?


Well lets play! If you win you get your money back.


But.....If you loose you get a “I lost to Jesse James T Shirt”


Lets the games begin!

- Upon purchase, customers will be contacted regarding their order and how to receive their product or service. 

- Jesse has the right to refuse any services on an order to order basis.

- All orders a subject to availability

- All interstate and regional orders and subject to strict availability and will be facilitated alongside Jesse's touring schedule and timing of gigs.

- Customers have 356 days from the payment to redeem their purchase.

- If Jesse is unable to complete the service due to location, timing or any other reasonable grounds; The purchase contract will be voided, and refunds will be made.

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